Chinese Symbols for Water
(And Related Symbols)

The Chinese symbol for water originally consisted of a long central stroke which represents a river or stream. The four smaller strokes two on each side could represent whirls in a stream of water.

The modern character consists of a central hooked line with two strokes on the left and right taking the place of the whirls in the original character.

The character for water is pronounced shui in manderin and can be written as 

ㄕㄨㄟ using the zhuyin chinese alphabet.

To type the character for water using cangjie use the code e or 水.

When combined with other elements water is written as three dots on the left of the character. As an example, the chinese symbol for flow.

This character is pronounced liu in mandarin and can be written as ㄌㄧㄡ using zhuyin

The cangjie typing code is eyiu or 水卜戈山.

There are several different symbols for river:


The symbol for spring consists of white at the top and water at the bottom.

The original character depicts water gushing up from the ground and then flowing downwards on either side.